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You have good reasons to be confident.

We can show you work samples and tell you about our experience, but we understand: most people prefer to work with people they know, and have worked with before. That’s okay.

But you don’t have to feel like you’ll be “taking a chance” by working with Modern Alchemy, when others have already done the testing for you and gotten great results. That’s why clients continue to work with us for years, and why the majority of our new clients are referrals from other clients. These are the kinds of things they’ll tell you:

“...great at translating briefs into tangible creativity and I knew that I would always be presented with a range of different ideas – often on very complex and demanding projects.” – Laura Quigley, Oxford University Press
“Modern Alchemy has always provided content quickly, and within the given budget requirements. Great creativity and turn-around time.” – Wendi Thumudo, Independent consultant

Who are our clients?

We work with some of the very best clients in publishing, industry and the arts, including: Holtkamp Organ Co., Werner G. Smith Inc., DD214 Chronicle, and the Village of Newburgh Heights. A growing number of candidates for office, from city council to US congress, have turned to Modern Alchemy for campaign communications as well.

We also count among our clients many private individuals who appreciate the value of design for announcements, events and self-promotional projects. return to the top of this page