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Possibly useful, indisputably free.

Here are some things we’ve created over the years which you can enjoy without spending a cent. (Have a suggestion for a free project? Let us know. Ideas which are easy, fun and/or of benefit to society are more likely to be taken up.) You may need Adobe Reader or StuffIt Expander to view some files.

Post-it Notes

We have a bunch of genuine Post-it brand notes sporting our logo and web address. Contact us (please include your address) and we’ll mail you a couple!

Quantum Whatever creative journal

Very limited-edition booklet of prose, poetry and pictures. Contact us (please include your address) and we’ll mail you a copy! (For details, see our blog.)

Superman’s Cleveland Map

Discover the origins of the made-in-Cleveland superhero at more than a dozen sites around our city. (For details, plus where to find a printed copy, see this blog post.)

Harwood Medium font

A custom typeface, loosely recalling the look of streamlined type from 1950s consumer products. Available free of charge for personal use; download a copy for either Macintosh or Windows and enjoy!

The Great Lakewood Pub Crawl Map

A walking guide to Lakewood, Ohio’s Madison and Detroit Avenue bars, pubs and taverns. (For more info on this map, see this post on our blog.)

Halloween decorations

Download, print, cut and you’re ready for Halloween. (Except for a costume and Halloween candy.)

Stock photography: American Images sets

Desktop background art, perhaps? Full-resolution digital photos of nature and exterior scenes, divided into three archives. (Download set 1, set 2 and/or set 3.)


Miscellaneous icons and symbols created over the years.

Plant care icons

A seven-piece symbol set (say that five times fast) designed to complement plant care information.

Letterpress printing guide

Learn to tell a quad from a nick with this brief introduction to letterpress history and terminology.

Get-out-the-vote poster

Designed for an AIGA campaign. Print one out to promote anything from national elections to student council.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor’s map

Visiting the Minneapolis Convention Center soon, by some chance? Check this walking map of downtown streets. return to the top of this page