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Updates and Notes

  • Encouraged by the Fair Districts Competition, I have attempted to draw legislative districts for the state of Ohio. I have drawn a state senate districts map, and a Congressional districts map; below are notes about the maps, followed by some general notes about getting hands-on with redistricting. In drawing this potential map of 33 Ohio […]
  • This weekend was Pride in the CLE, and it was an honor for me and my work to be included. I contributed some design components to the very improvised mid-pandemic 2020 event, too, but this year I was onsite, providing social media updates and taking photos. So I have photos of designs, banners, even Jumbotron […]
  • I have been doing this—my formally incorporated freelance practice—for just over 15 years now. A lot of my ten-year post still applies today. Five years ago I wrote that “the current recently passed six years old […] I should freshen things up anyway, one of these days.” Made it with a few months to […]
  • My freelance practice web site,, is now on its third incarnation. This one is new in a few fundamental ways. It’s an acknowledgement that clients hire me, not the LLC I registered 15 years ago. It brings back an image-forward concept which I used in version 1.0, while for the first time adding a […]
  • In 2020 I had something of a minor hit on my hands, with The Amazing Ballot Race. This was essentially a grassroots campaign to promote voting by mail; its precise definition and boundaries are somewhat vague, and expanded as it went along. By the conclusion of the campaign, I think around half of Cleveland’s Democratic […]
  • Despite everything, my wheels mostly kept turning in 2020, including professionally. A diverse mix of projects and clients included the newspaper, aspiring and current officeholders, local government, grassroots activists, the solar industry… It’s a delight above and beyond this that one of my final paid commissions for the year was a true one-of-a-kind Xmas gift. […]
  • I have not published any more ebooks of my own since Hancher vs. Hilton, nearly four years ago. But in the past year or so I have continued to land the occasional freelance ebook project, so I have a little sense of what’s going on with this format today. Fixed-layout ebooks seem to be the […]
  • An overdue update; in 2019 I provided a lot of creative work to local candidates. One is now Lakewood’s mayor, a number did not succeed, and one is still running in the primary which was supposed to be over this week (but is now in limbo because an unfit president declined to respond to warnings […]
  • Thanks, University of California Irvine for commissioning this addition to the school’s whimsical family of anthropomorphic anteaters.
  • As of last month, I have taken on the art direction for DD214 Chronicle. DD 214 Chronicle is a bimonthly newspaper created in 2010 for northeast Ohio veterans. Our press run of 11,000 copies is delivered without charge to VFW and American Legion posts, health care facilities including the VA hospitals, more than 80 libraries, […]