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Writing Samples

“Keeping up with Jamie Garrett,” profile of a local restaurant server missing most of one arm (The Lakewood Observer, Sept. 18, 2018)

“Treasure-hunting One Street at a Time” (Newburgh Heights Living, Autumn 2021)

“Little Free Libraries In Lakewood: Nine And Counting” feature article (The Lakewood Observer, June 20, 2017)

“College Students Lose Exemption From City Income Tax” (The Lakewood Observer, March 21, 2017)

“Cat-Lovers Plan June 10 Picnic,” introducing the “Weirdo Cat Lovers of Cleveland” (The Lakewood Observer, June 5, 2018)

Candidate/campaign media

“Rader Proposes Campaign Finance Limits for ‘Wild West’ Local Races,” news release for Councilperson Tristan Rader . (Feb. 5, 2019)

“Residents Voice Confidence in Meghan George for Mayor,” closing statement for campaign, Meghan F. George for Mayor of Lakewood. (Oct. 29, 2019)

“Skindell addresses environmental issues,” campaign blog post for Ohio House candidate Mike Skindell (May 6, 2018)

“Every Lakewood childhood should be lead-free,” campaign blog post for city council candidate Tristan Rader (Aug. 29, 2017)

“Jennifer O’Donnell For Judge: Experienced Public Defender Advocates Reform,” candidate profile (Feb. 18, 2020)


Brilliant Deduction: The Story of Real-Life Great Detectives (excerpt), eight once-famous investigators and their era.

Cotton’s Library: The Many Perils of Preserving History (excerpt), the first book-length history of a 16th-century manuscript collection which survived serial adventures to join the founding collections of the British Library.

Hancher vs. Hilton: Iowa’s Rival University Presidents (excerpt), about the running feud between Iowa’s two state universities in the 1950s and 1960s, and the schools’ presidents.